> I second the recommendation for net-SNMP. It also provides most of the
> functions for Microsoft Windows that it does for Unix-type environments.
> Code generators and related utilities are far less automatic than many
> commercial products, but the quality and flexibility are high. There is a
> set of tutorials and you can run many of them against yourself in
> 'localhost'.

I know this might be a poor follow-up and not a FreeBSD issue, sorry! But
I am quite stucked with the configuration of net-snmp. I got it from ports
(version 5.0.6). I added the createUser line to /var/net-snmp/snmpd.conf
like the HOWTO tells me to do
restarted net-snmp but whatever I try I get no authorization eg. ('guest'
is the user I added with the createUser directive):

silakka# snmpget -u guest -A <the password> -v 3 -l noAuthNoPriv localhost
Error in packet
Reason: authorizationError (access denied to that object)

I have also tried to run snmpconf script but there seems to be little to
do with users or communities other than the line:

rouser  guest auth

I also tried with the snmpwalk (same auth error) and tried to configure
MRTG with cfgmaker but of course it can't retrieve any info.

So I would need some basic knowledge about the authentication with
net-snmp. Any brief ideas? :)

I would also like to specify a community ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) for MRTG to use.


Johan Paul
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