I'm a new FreeBSD user with a performance issue.  I've installed 5.1R and KDE.  
I've also installed Phoenix from the ports collection. When I'm using 
Konqueror or Phoenix to browse certain web sites they take forever to load.

It appears the problem is associated with resolving domain names.  While I 
wait (minutes!) for a problematic page to load, Phoenix will report in the 
notices bar at the bottom "Resolving host ...".  There's no CPU or network 
bottleneck and the problem is reproducable in either browser with the same 
web sites.  It seems also to relate to situations where one web page calls 
another for part of the content (e.g., www.vancouversun.com tries to load 
from ad.ca.doubleclick.net).

If I open up a shell window and ask FreeBSD to resolve the same domain names 
with "host" they resolve instantly.  So the problem has something to do with 
the way the package for KDE talks with BSD.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Robert Froese, RPF
Assistant Professor, Forest Biometrics
School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Mighigan Technological University, Houghton MI.

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