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> aic.o: In function `aic_detach':
> aic.o(.text+0x1b66): undefined reference to `xpt_async'
> aic.o(.text+0x1b6e): undefined reference to `xpt_free_path'
> aic.o(.text+0x1b7c): undefined reference to `xpt_bus_deregister'
> aic.o(.text+0x1b86): undefined reference to `cam_sim_free'
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/src/sys/compile/KERNATTICUS.

Do you have any SCSI devices attached to the system?  If so, you need to

device scbus
device da  # for direct access devices, such as disks

and recompile.  You might also want to uncomment `options SCSI_DELAY=15000'
as well.  If 15 seconds is too long to wait (most modern SCSI devices settle
much more quickly than this - I set this down to 5 seconds) you can tune 
this value down.

If you have no SCSI devices, then disable:

device          adw
device          aha0    at isa?
device          aic0    at isa?
device          ncv             # NCR 53C500
device          stg             # TMC 18C30/18C50

and try again.



Daniel Bye

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