I am running 4.7 stable.

I deinstalled mod_frontpage and apache13-fp. Was told I don't need both.
Made sure the directories were removed, etc.

cd /usr/ports/www/apache13-fp.  make clean.  Then make
So far so good.

make install, and it errors saying that frontpage 5.whatever is already
installed.  Tells to do a deinstall, etc.  I have already done those steps,
so I did a FORCE_PKG_REGISTER.  make install and it runs to 
completion and automatically runs fp_install.sh.  I answer the questions
(don't setup any sub/user webs, no virtual hosts).  Success at this

Launch Frontpage 2000  and try and publish a site.  It says the server
is not running frontpage extensions and I can't use http and must
use ftp.

I am well aware of the problems with fp extensions, etc.  I have lost
the battle with the VP of the company, and it is on our internal website
which is not accessible from the internet.

any help very appreciated,
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