I also have an Adaptec 2400A RAID controller and have problems when my system 
seems to be having a lot of random hard disk accesses.

I upgraded the cache on the card to 128MB of Adaptec's preffered memory in 
hopes that the issue would subside, but it did not.

I changed the write cache from write back to write through to see if there 
might be an issue with that.

I upgraded to the latest I2O and SMOR.  

None of these seemed to work.

My System will actually freeze when:
  * transferring data from a cd/dvd to harddisk and performing compression.
   (happens to be when I get the most disk access)
    - probability of freezing goes up drastically when I do something else at 
      the same time that is hard disk intensive. 
      eg: backing up data off a dvd/cd & portupgrade -via & listening to mp3's
          streaming off of my localhost

For a while I've thought that it could be my system over heating.  But when my 
machine overheats it just powers off abruptly.  The freezing during high 
activity `seems` unrelated to heat.  [ these abrupt power offs seem to have 
subsided since I got new heat syncs and got my AC fixed at my apartment :-D 
(DUH) LOL ] [ I am in the process of switching to water cooled ... as it is 
known that athlons run hot.. ]

Something else that appears to be out of place (but i'm not sure) is that 
d0b3t0d0 always has a max speed of 10MHz no matter what drive I place there 
while all the others have a max speed of 50MHz.

I have been searching the groups and mail archives for almost a year now. I can 
only find posts with similar problems but no resolution.  Your post appears to 
be closer to my problems than others.  There seems to be a small handful of ppl 
who have mentioned this problem.  Maybe a bad batch of cards went out? or... 
the problem isn't frequent enough for some ppl to attribute it to a real 
problem?  Or it could be the driver... I have no idea.

I remember having all sorts of problems when I oringally wanted to put an OS on 
this machine and I didn't have a stable install until I set the cache to write-
through (which for some reason is recommended for OS installs).  Then 
afterwards I set the cache back to write-back (which was recommended any other 
time).  ( from docs I have read scattered in remote places )

It appears we are not alone in our issue with the 2400A.

Wayyyyy below is a moderately detailed description about my system and highly 
detailed description about my 2400A.

if you managed to read through my ramblings.  Thanks! I hope more people will 
come out and discuss more about the 2400A.  Even those of you who have stable 
systems! I would definitley like to know what kind of hardware and software 
specs you have.  (especially if FreeBSD-5.0 works better with this card due to 
UFS2 or device drivers or what not.. i really have no idea)



I run on:
      FreeBSD: 4.8-STABLE
  motherboard: IWILL MPX2
         dual: Athlon 2100+ MP
       memory: 1G
graphics card: Matrox MGA G550 AGP
   sound card: CMedia CMI8738
 cd/dvd drive: PLEXTOR CD-R PX-320A
    raid card: ADAPTEC 2400A FW Rev. 3A0L
               With 128MB Cache, Raid 5,
               4 X Western Digital 1200JB w/8MB Cache


asr0: <Adaptec Caching SCSI RAID> mem 0xe0000000-0xe7ffffff irq 10 at device 5.0
 on pci2
asr0: major=154
asr0: ADAPTEC 2400A FW Rev. 3A0L, 4 channel, 256 CCBs, Protocol I2O

RAIDUTIL  Version: 3.04  Date: 9/27/2000  FreeBSD CLI Configuration Utility
Adaptec ENGINE  Version: 3.04  Date: 9/27/2000  Adaptec FreeBSD SCSI Engine

#  b0 b1 b2  Controller     Cache  FW    NVRAM     Serial     Status
d0 -- -- --  ADAP2400A      112MB  3A0L  ADPT 1.0  BB0E14220H4Optimal

Physical View
Address    Type              Manufacturer/Model         Capacity  Status
d0b0t0d0   Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0   114440MB  Optimal
d0b1t0d0   Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0   114440MB  Optimal
d0b2t0d0   Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0   114440MB  Optimal
d0b3t0d0   Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-00CRA1   114473MB  Optimal

Logical View
Address       Type              Manufacturer/Model      Capacity  Status
d0b0t0d0      RAID 5 (Redundant ADAPTEC  RAID-5         343320MB  Optimal
 d0b1t0d0     Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0114440MB  Optimal
 d0b2t0d0     Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0114440MB  Optimal
 d0b3t0d0     Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-00CRA1114473MB  Optimal
 d0b0t0d0     Disk Drive (DASD) WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0114440MB  Optimal

Address    Max Speed  Actual Rate / Width
d0b0t0d0   50 MHz     100 MB/sec    wide
d0b1t0d0   50 MHz     100 MB/sec    wide
d0b2t0d0   50 MHz     100 MB/sec    wide
d0b3t0d0   10 MHz     100 MB/sec    wide

Address    Manufacturer/Model        Write Cache Mode (HBA/Device)
d0b0t0d0   ADAPTEC  RAID-5           Write Back / --
 d0b1t0d0  WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  -- / Write Back
 d0b2t0d0  WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  -- / Write Back
 d0b3t0d0  WDC      WD1200JB-00CRA1  -- / Write Back
 d0b0t0d0  WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  -- / Write Back

#  Controller     Cache  FW    NVRAM     BIOS   SMOR      Serial
d0 ADAP2400A      112MB  3A0L  ADPT 1.0  1.62   1.12/79I  BB0E14220H4

#  Controller      Status     Voltage  Current  Full Cap  Rem Cap  Rem Time
d0 ADAP2400A       No battery 

Address    Manufacturer/Model        FW          Serial        123456789012
d0b0t0d0   WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  16.0 WD-WMA8C2061103      -X-XX--X-O--
d0b1t0d0   WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  16.0 WD-WMA8C1755837      -X-XX--X-O--
d0b2t0d0   WDC      WD1200JB-75CRA0  16.0 WD-WMA8C1625250      -X-XX--X-O--
d0b3t0d0   WDC      WD1200JB-00CRA1  17.0 WD-WMA8C3105960      -X-XX--X-O--

Capabilities Map:  Column 1 = Soft Reset
                   Column 2 = Cmd Queuing
                   Column 3 = Linked Cmds
                   Column 4 = Synchronous
                   Column 5 = Wide 16
                   Column 6 = Wide 32
                   Column 7 = Relative Addr
                   Column 8 = SCSI II
                   Column 9 = S.M.A.R.T.
                   Column 0 = SCAM
                   Column 1 = SCSI-3
                   Column 2 = SAF-TE
   X = Capability Exists, - = Capability does not exist, O = Not Supported

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