Dave <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> My thinking: the threading in the kernel for 5.1 CURRENT hasn't all the
> kinks out yet.  Does anyone know what is going on?
> Before rushing off to the FreeBSD people with it though, they 1) might
> already be aware, and 2) maybe I don't understand the error entirely and
> its a problem with how I setup my system?
> So I'm asking here I guess.

If you're going to track -CURRENT, you really should read the -CURRENT
mailing list.  Offhand, I can't see how the system map would be
getting locked in your case, but you're right that it seems to be a
bug in the threading code (DRM *is* likely to be related, since it
constitutes a separate path into "direct" memory manipulation...).  
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