22:44 GMT 7/31/03
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am a newer BSD user and a fairly seasoned Solaris user; I am having a
FreeBSD install problem.  Is there anyone in the San Jose, CA area that
can get with me Tuesday 8/5/03 in the lobby of the San Jose Wyndham to
help tackle my install problem.  I have a Panasonic CF-25 Toughbook,
and can get into the Sysinstall of 5.0, but I can only run 1 of 2 input
medias at a time: either floppy (3.5") or CD.  I cannot swap the floppy
once Sysinstall loads and therefore cannot load from the CD.  Can
someone or a group of people help me install this via Laplink or some
other option.  I have the install CD's needed for ver. 4.7 and 5.0

Please respond by e-mail.
Josh Fox

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