Am Fri, 2003-08-01 um 10.10 schrieb Rommel B. Ikeda:
> Hi to Everyone...
> The problem is I am trying to install Ports that I really needed and it seems 
> that I does not work when THOSE PORTS NEEDED TO BE DOWNLOADED USES FTP...How 
> can I set things or my system that our Proxy Server is not using the default 
> Port Settings...How can I let my system and those programs needed to run to 
> downloaded Ports know that our Proxy Server has HTTP Port set to 10080 and 
> FTP Port set to 10021.  For example, how can I configure "cvsup-without-gui" 
> to use the following settings above...
Have you tried to set the FTP_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY environment
variables? fetch (the program ports use to get the distribution files)
will honor them (more in fetch(3)).

Andreas Kohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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