On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 10:11:02AM +0100, Scott Mitchell wrote:

> teTeX includes pretty much everything you're likely to need for TeX/LaTeX
> work.  The only things I ever added were the LyX editor and a few fonts.
> LyX is a truly excellent program -- I used it to write my PhD dissertation,
> and laughed at the other people struggling to do theirs in Word :-)

Why, just because it took us 10 minutes to bring our format into what
the dissertation nazis at the grad college wanted, rather than a month
of editing?  :)

But no, there's more!  

I headed out cross-country after my interview for a temporary spot to
pick up my family (there's something to be said for your family being
somewhere else for the last week or two before you defend, even if it
was due to a crisis :)  I defended in the morning, drove straight to the
interview (realizing only as I pulled into town that I was wearing my
usual bolo rather than an eastern strangulation device), and drove 2000
miles west.

Well, almost.

My transmission gave out (and I got cheated by Aamco, but that's another
story, and happens to lots of people.  [They honor their warranties in
California, but apparently not the rest of the country]).  I was
stranded for two days, and under a time deadline--if I finished by the
magic date a couple of weeks away, I would be a visiting asst. prof
rather than a visiting instructor, with a $10k difference.

So there I sat with the most recent marked up versions of my
dissertation, and an out of date version on my laptop.

No problem.  LyX and LaTeX both store in text format.  I made a copy of
the dissertation to edit, and when I returned I made a diff and used
patch to put it on the main machine.  Try *that* with word . . .


hawk.  err, dochawk

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