Lo all,

  I've been trying to install 5.1 on my 486/75 28M no
cdrom drive lappy unsuccessfully now for about 2 days
(total time). Apparently debian, openbsd and freebsd
4.8 all find it and can play nice tho 5.1 can't seem
to manage it. I recorded all the resource settings
used in the operational freebsd 4.8 install and used
these identical settings in my 5.1 install however
they don't work. I've been trying to modify
device.hints on the install floppy to feed the kernel
the proper resource settings to get the nic going,
however I've found the lack of documentation on this
file to be somewhat disturbing. I read everything
concering pcmcia and nics that I've been able to get
my hands on related to my install (handbook/docs that
came with the release/google/etc). According to the
hardware.txt it says that the ep(4) driver is the
appropriate driver for my card, although when making
google searches for hints.ep nothing turns up and
apparently its been left outta the options of the
install floppy. Heres my current devices.hints file
I've tried almost every possible combination
disabling/enabling and resources under the sun. The
best I can seem to manage is

  ep0 at port 0x240 iomem 0xd0000 irq 9 on isa0
  ep0: eeprom failed to come ready.
  ep0: ep_alloc() failed! (6)
  device_probe_and_attach: ep0 attach returned 6

I've tried to enable/disable pcic0 and 1 both either
neither, I've tried to enable/disable polling, I've
tried to change maddr remove maddr use similar maddr
with pcic and the driver and use different maddr,
change irq and port from the driver itself, I've even
reseated the card in both slots multiple times (to
make sure the referenced "wedged" isn't occuring)

Heres the last incarnation of my devices.hints file
(hopefully theres no blaring typos cause i'm massively
tired and aggrivated from having to restart the
machine 1000 times like a windows box just to test it)


set hint.fdc.0.at="isa"
set hint.fdc.0.port="0x3F0"
set hint.fdc.0.irq="6"
set hint.fdc.0.drq="2"
set hint.fd.0.at="fdc0"
set hint.fd.0.drive="0"
set hint.fd.1.at="fdc0"
set hint.fd.1.drive="1"
set hint.ata.0.at="isa"
set hint.ata.0.port="0x1F0"
set hint.ata.0.irq="14"
set hint.ata.1.at="isa"
set hint.ata.1.port="0x170"
set hint.ata.1.irq="15"
set hint.adv.0.at="isa"
set hint.adv.0.disabled="1"
set hint.bt.0.at="isa"
set hint.bt.0.disabled="1"
set hint.aha.0.at="isa"
set hint.aha.0.disabled="1"
set hint.aic.0.at="isa"
set hint.aic.0.disabled="1"
set hint.atkbdc.0.at="isa"
set hint.atkbdc.0.port="0x060"
set hint.atkbd.0.at="atkbdc"
set hint.atkbd.0.irq="1"
set hint.atkbd.0.flags="0x1"
set hint.psm.0.at="atkbdc"
set hint.psm.0.irq="12"
set hint.vga.0.at="isa"
set hint.sc.0.at="isa"
set hint.sc.0.flags="0x100"
set hint.vt.0.at="isa"
set hint.vt.0.disabled="1"
set hint.apm.0.disabled="1"
set hint.apm.0.flags="0x20"
set hint.pcic.0.at="isa"
set hint.pcic.0.port="0x3e0"
set hint.pcic.0.maddr="0xd0000"
set hint.pcic.1.at="isa"
set hint.pcic.1.irq="11"
set hint.pcic.1.port="0x3e2"
set hint.pcic.1.maddr="0xd4000"
set hint.pcic.1.disable="1"
set hint.sio.0.at="isa"
set hint.sio.0.port="0x3F8"
set hint.sio.0.flags="0x10"
set hint.sio.0.irq="4"
set hint.sio.1.at="isa"
set hint.sio.1.port="0x2F8"
set hint.sio.1.irq="3"
set hint.sio.2.at="isa"
set hint.sio.2.disabled="1"
set hint.sio.2.port="0x3E8"
set hint.sio.2.irq="5"
set hint.sio.3.at="isa"
set hint.sio.3.disabled="1"
set hint.sio.3.port="0x2E8"
set hint.sio.3.irq="9"
set hint.ppc.0.at="isa"
set hint.ppc.0.irq="7"
set hint.cs.0.at="isa"
set hint.ep.0.at="isa"
set hint.ep.0.port="0x240"
set hint.ep.0.irq="9"
set hint.ep.0.maddr="0xd0000"
set hint.ed.0.at="isa"
set hint.ed.0.disabled="1"
set hint.ed.0.port="0x280"
set hint.ed.0.irq="10"
set hint.ed.0.maddr="0xd8000"
set hint.cs.0.disabled="1"
set hint.cs.0.port="0x300"
set hint.sn.0.at="isa"
set hint.sn.0.disabled="1"
set hint.sn.0.port="0x300"
set hint.sn.0.irq="10"
set hint.ie.0.at="isa"
set hint.ie.0.disabled="1"
set hint.ie.0.port="0x300"
set hint.ie.0.irq="10"
set hint.ie.0.maddr="0xd0000"
set hint.fe.0.at="isa"
set hint.fe.0.disabled="1"
set hint.fe.0.port="0x300"
set hint.le.0.at="isa"
set hint.le.0.disabled="1"
set hint.le.0.port="0x300"
set hint.le.0.irq="5"
set hint.le.0.maddr="0xd0000"
set hint.lnc.0.at="isa"
set hint.lnc.0.disabled="1"
set hint.lnc.0.port="0x280"
set hint.lnc.0.irq="10"
set hint.lnc.0.drq="0"

please note that ep wasn't in the file to begin with
tho it is in hardware.txt. I've been unable to find
any documentation on legal device.hints settings
(other then their format which is available in a man
page), anyone know how to fix this other then running
freebsd 4.8? 

                  Thanks in advance 

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