"Richard Johannesson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Using sysinstall, was going to install emacs and kde.
> Install failed on installing imake. The error I got 
> Was "Add of package imake-4.3.0 aborted, error code 1
>  - Please check the debug screen for more info."
> , then got "Loading of dependent package imake-4.3.0
>  failed".
> Where is this debug screen I'm supposed to look at?

alt-f2, I think?

> Tried doing a portinstall imake. This failed as well.


> This was after I did: 1) cvsup -g -L 2 cvsup.conf,
> 2) portsdb -Uu, 3) pkgdb -F, 4) portupgrade -ra
> Don't know how to fix this.

Sorry, more information needed for anyone else to guess either.
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