mess-mate <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> some questions from a newbie :
> 1.How can I create a bootable floppy after the installation of 
> rel 5.1 ?

I'm not running 5.x yet, but in earlier versions I believe I've just
used the install (kernel) floppy with a modified loader.rc.

> The FreeBSD slice is /dev/hdb4. 

Not to FreeBSD, it isn't.

> 2.After a lilo config, ( as described in the howto) 
> other=/dev/hdb4
>         table=/dev/hdb
>         loader=/boot/chain.b
>         label=FreeBSD
> lilo won't install it to the mbr.

Does it say why?
You'll probably need LILO help at this point...
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