The same thing happens to me occasionally.

My diagnosis is this:
* my MTA (exim) is set to reject junk mail.
* freebsd list gets spammed with junk mail reasonably frequently
* my MTA refuses the junk from the list
* FreeBSD mailing system cuts me off because I have rejected the junk/spam which
it is propogating.

--- the list needs to be closed? Or at least it needs to have it's OWN junk mail filter..

my 2 cents

vizion communication wrote:


I have previously emailed
[EMAIL PROTECTED] over problems with
regard to what gets classified as "excessive bounces". As a
result of which I repeatedly get removed from the list. On
each occasion I receive an email that tells me I have been
temoved due to excessive bounces. That email quotes a
confirm reference which does not work. I have to log in to
my account and change the preferences in order to continue
to receive the list postings.

This always seems to happen during a period of time when:
(a)  I have made no postings to the list (so that rules out
anything posted by me having bounced!")
(b)  I have received multiple emails from many other sources
and there are no records of bounces from other lists
(including multiple freebsd lists!)
(c) The emails to me from
[EMAIL PROTECTED] are reaching me.

So what is happening??? Perhaps the settings for the mail
server do not deal gracefully with advice that mail is
temporarily undeliverable for some reason  or what -- anyway
it is happening too often.

As I cannot seem to get an empathetic reply free
[EMAIL PROTECTED] I am posting this query
to the list -- I would like to know if anyone else is having
similar problems.

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