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I have the disks for freeBSD 5.0 and am quite anxious to use it.
Is it possible to run Win98, SuSE and a third operating system freeBSD
5.0 on one drive?  If so are there any particular techniques required?

Yes, it's possible. I run Win98 and Gentoo on one drive, with FreeBSD and Win2K on a RAID0 array, and it all works. FreeBSD 4.x (4.8-RELEASE or 4- STABLE) might be a better choice for you as a FreeBSD newbie, but then again, you have a modem and the disks for 5.0; as a practical matter, therefore, it might be best to install 5.0, then update to 5.1-RELEASE (or the security branch for 5.1, if it exists - I haven't looked) as soon as possible. See the online Handbook and Google this list for information on updating. As to "techniques," again, the online Handbook and Googling this list are recommended. Once you've done that, come back to the list with any specific questions.

Will there be any printer and modem issues, perhaps there is a web site
which discusses this.

There's a fine article on connecting to the Net with FreeBSD at <URL: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2000/06/14/FreeBSD_Basics.html>. (There is some new information since the article was written. One item is that you will want to make your non-root user(s) members of the "dialer" group.) I am assuming you have a "real" modem rather than a Winmodem? Re printing, it's the Handbook and Google again.


Many thanks. Stewart.
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