On Mon, 4 Aug 2003 23:48, Stefan Malte Schumacher wrote:
> Hello Malcom
> I am verry Sorry I seem to have forgotten to include in my first mail that
> I am not talking about xterm but about the plain virtual terminals.
> Nonetheless this will be usefull once I begin to configure X.

Foolish of me to assume you were running X.
However my comment wrt ls is still valid -- but you want need to change the 
TERM environment variable. Just try 'ls -G'.

Then you can create an alias or define the environment variable CLICOLOR will
make coloured ls displays more or less standard.

Malcolm Kay

Terminal scrolling is toggled on and off with the 'Scroll Lock' key.>
> > I don't know anything about jed -- answer may be in the jed
> > iniitialization but more likely in the way xterm delivers these key
> > combinations to it. This can probably be adjusted in the xterm resource
> > (or .Xdefaults)
> Btw : What kind of procmail-recipes are you (the people on this
> mailinglist) using ? I have included TO and CC in my .procmailrc but a lot
> of mails which have the mailinglist as second recipient or use the
> "X-Been-There"-Flag still get delivered to my standard inbox.
> Bye
> Stefan

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