For recursive lookups you should only be looking at djbdns's dnscache

As far as load balancers go, my preference has always been hardware (ASIC)
based appliances such as the Alteon AceDirector or the Foundry ServerIron.
Both are rock solid and will handle more traffic than you could imagine.


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Hi there

Our company has inherited/bought an ISP outfit which has around 2
million subscribers. Among our first priority is to upgrade the DNS
service which has been abysmal according to the users

Can someone give me a head-start on a recommended configuration for such
DNS outlay which serves 2M+ dial-up users?
Are multiple Bind boxes with a hardware load-balancer sufficient and up
to the job? If so, which hardware solution (load-balancer) should I be

Most of the users' complains has been requests time-outs and bad
uptimes, which suggest bad load management and redundancy. As I am most
comfortable with FreeBSD, and I intend to deploy it across the boxes we
inherited with the deal. Having said that, we do have some Solaris
boxens which is lying around.

Any ideas and guides is greatly appreciated



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