Lo all,
   I've been trying to install 5.1 on my 486/75 28M
 no cdrom drive laptop. 4.8 installs just fine and I
 nabbed the resource settings from my operational
3c589 pcmcia nic. When trying to install 5.1 it
 fails to find the nic. I checked device.hints and
 theres no entry for my driver (although harware.txt
 notes that ep is the appropriate driver). I added
 in the following device.hints (see below, my final
 incarnation may have errors I was working very
 late) and tired the working 4.8 settings and every
 other possible combination under the sun. After
 extensive google searchs I've run into a wall, this
 seems to be the best I can manage in the install

ep0 at port 0x240 iomem 0xd0000 irq 9 on isa0
ep0: eeprom failed to come ready.
ep0: ep_alloc() failed! (6)
device_probe_and_attach: ep0 attach returned 6

I'm not sure the syntax is correct for the ep
 drivers in device.hints, or if its even supported.
 The additional drivers.flp had nothing that
 appeared to be related, and man device.hints
 diagrams its format tho not its driver options.
 There is mention of a few files to check for notes
 tho all those appear incomplete from a device.hints
 standpoint. Is there any additional documentation
(other then what the man page refers to)? Anyone
 know how to fix this issue in the 5.1 install


 set hint.fdc.0.at="isa"
 set hint.fdc.0.port="0x3F0"
 set hint.fdc.0.irq="6"
 set hint.fdc.0.drq="2"
 set hint.fd.0.at="fdc0"
 set hint.fd.0.drive="0"
 set hint.fd.1.at="fdc0"
 set hint.fd.1.drive="1"
 set hint.ata.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ata.0.port="0x1F0"
 set hint.ata.0.irq="14"
 set hint.ata.1.at="isa"
 set hint.ata.1.port="0x170"
 set hint.ata.1.irq="15"
 set hint.adv.0.at="isa"
 set hint.adv.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.bt.0.at="isa"
 set hint.bt.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.aha.0.at="isa"
 set hint.aha.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.aic.0.at="isa"
 set hint.aic.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.atkbdc.0.at="isa"
 set hint.atkbdc.0.port="0x060"
 set hint.atkbd.0.at="atkbdc"
 set hint.atkbd.0.irq="1"
 set hint.atkbd.0.flags="0x1"
 set hint.psm.0.at="atkbdc"
 set hint.psm.0.irq="12"
 set hint.vga.0.at="isa"
 set hint.sc.0.at="isa"
 set hint.sc.0.flags="0x100"
 set hint.vt.0.at="isa"
 set hint.vt.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.apm.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.apm.0.flags="0x20"
 set hint.pcic.0.at="isa"
 set hint.pcic.0.port="0x3e0"
 set hint.pcic.0.maddr="0xd0000"
 set hint.pcic.1.at="isa"
 set hint.pcic.1.irq="11"
 set hint.pcic.1.port="0x3e2"
 set hint.pcic.1.maddr="0xd4000"
 set hint.pcic.1.disable="1"
 set hint.sio.0.at="isa"
 set hint.sio.0.port="0x3F8"
 set hint.sio.0.flags="0x10"
 set hint.sio.0.irq="4"
 set hint.sio.1.at="isa"
 set hint.sio.1.port="0x2F8"
 set hint.sio.1.irq="3"
 set hint.sio.2.at="isa"
 set hint.sio.2.disabled="1"
 set hint.sio.2.port="0x3E8"
 set hint.sio.2.irq="5"
 set hint.sio.3.at="isa"
 set hint.sio.3.disabled="1"
 set hint.sio.3.port="0x2E8"
 set hint.sio.3.irq="9"
 set hint.ppc.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ppc.0.irq="7"
 set hint.cs.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ep.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ep.0.port="0x240"
 set hint.ep.0.irq="9"
 set hint.ep.0.maddr="0xd0000"
 set hint.ed.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ed.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.ed.0.port="0x280"
 set hint.ed.0.irq="10"
 set hint.ed.0.maddr="0xd8000"
 set hint.cs.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.cs.0.port="0x300"
 set hint.sn.0.at="isa"
 set hint.sn.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.sn.0.port="0x300"
 set hint.sn.0.irq="10"
 set hint.ie.0.at="isa"
 set hint.ie.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.ie.0.port="0x300"
 set hint.ie.0.irq="10"
 set hint.ie.0.maddr="0xd0000"
 set hint.fe.0.at="isa"
 set hint.fe.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.fe.0.port="0x300"
 set hint.le.0.at="isa"
 set hint.le.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.le.0.port="0x300"
 set hint.le.0.irq="5"
 set hint.le.0.maddr="0xd0000"
 set hint.lnc.0.at="isa"
 set hint.lnc.0.disabled="1"
 set hint.lnc.0.port="0x280"
 set hint.lnc.0.irq="10"
 set hint.lnc.0.drq="0"
 Thanks in advance

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