I've never been able to get any macromedia flash plugin to work with Konqueror on FreeBSD, but macromedia's flash 5 for linux works great with FreeBSD's native Mozilla and Firebird with a FreeBSD wrapper.

This is what I would recommend:

First, get rid of all the flash plugins you have installed. Next, install the flashpluginwrapper port (This will install the linux flashplugin 5 port as a dependency). Once the port has successfully installed there are a few small tasks. Here's the message displayed after installing the port:

If you are using a Mozilla browser, you first need to copy the linux
flash plugin into the mozilla plugins directory:

(I actually just create links, but this doesn't really matter.)

# cp %%LOCALBASE%%/lib/flash/ \
# cp %%LOCALBASE%%/lib/flash/ShockwaveFlash.class \

Next, change the Mozilla startup script, %%X11BASE%%/bin/mozilla
to have:


at the top of it (but after #!/bin/sh).  Now start mozilla and go to
'about:plugins' and the flash plugin is enabled!

..and that's pretty much it. With the exception of the rare site that requires flash 6, it works perfectly.

To really get a multimedia capable browser you might want to consider installing the mplayerplug-in and java plugins as well.


Hiya folks,
Well - I didn't download the source for KDE, I installed via the packages. So
- that means I don't have the needed nspluginscan so the above mentioned
browser can scan in plugins. Mainly flash.

Ok, so - I installed Mozilla and the slew of flash plugins in /usr/ports/www
and I can't for the life of me get them to work.

So, I figured I would try Netscape7 from the ports - still again, the
previously installed slew of flash plugins are not either being seen, or just
plain and simply don't work.

I could use some ideas on how some of you have gotten by this without
downloading the KDE source and compiling it just to get nspluginscan (this is
what Konqueror needs in order to pull in the plugins).

Any and all ideas would be most cool.

Best regards,

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