Lucas Holt wrote:

Why don't people talk about software developers? Someone is writing the software for spammers. Lets go after them. Think about it; spammers have an average education level of high school dropout. Mainstream media has done stories about this.

Bottom line, spammers are too stupid to write spamming programs.

Blocking legitimate administrators of domains because they are too poor to go with Verio is crap. Everyone was small once. By your policy, ISPs couldn't start. My former employer,, started on an 128k ISDN line in 1996. Using DSL now is no different than that. You bigger guys just want money from us.

Any business that wants to run windows servers for example must pay double for renting a server or they can pay full colo prices plus buy the windows licensing. Even using freebsd is cheaper on DSL.

For example, I pay 100 bucks a month to rent a FreeBSD server with a 1.2 gig celeron, 256 mb ram, and a 20 gig hdd. I get 100 gig of transfer a month. (my server is in California)To colo a server in Michigan costs 150 dollars on average for a 128 k package. A dedicated DSL package with 384 downstream, 128k upstream with 5 static ips from SBC costs around 70 dollars a month. Thats why people use DSL to hosts sites. Its slow, but cost effective for small businesses.

Its still not a reason for allowing relay from dynamic addresses.
All ISP's, or atleast all serious ISP's, provide their customer with a relaying mailserver. Its a simple task to configure your mailserver to use your ISP's smtp as smarthost and relay all outgoing email trough them. I know, I use this setup myself, since just like you I cant afford "real" connections everywhere but have to rely on cheap DSL or cable.
Today its far to easy to get your email out on the 'net. Even the "high school dropouts" as you call the spammers can buy a cheap DSL connection, setup a mailserver and spam like crazy untill the ISP gets enough complaints to cut them off. When that happens, they get a new connection and start all over.

As long as we rely on the old and very outdated SMTP protocoll that powers the net today, precautions will have to be taken very soon, or email will be useless in a few years.


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