stan wrote:

The company I work for is implementing a new firewall, and there is some
posibilty I might be able to get the apropriate ports to cvsup my FreeBSD
machines open.

Assuming pasive mode cvsup, what ports would I need open?

~$grep cvsup /etc/services
cvsup 5999/tcp CVSup # CVSup file transfer/John Polstra/FreeBSD
cvsup 5999/udp CVSup # CVSup file transfer/John Polstra/FreeBSD

You need these ports for outgoing. If you keep state on your connections, you don't have to use passive cvsup, but if you need it or want it for some reason, you'll have to pick a port range for incoming passive connections and specify those ports with -P in the cvsup args. See cvsup (1) for more details.

Good Luck,

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