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> Does anyone have any URL's for "POP Before SMTP" setup for sendmail?  I'm on Fbsd4.8 
> with the current Sendmail 8.12.8.   I havent used pop and smtp on my server in 4 
> years now so none of my old information or configurations work anymore. =/

Hmmm... Don't know precisely about pop before sendmail, but setting up
sendmail so that it requires authentication before it will relay a
message from a "foreign" location is quite do-able, and can easily be
integrated with the standard system sendmail.

Probably the easiest way to get going is to follow the instructions at

The line:


in the sendmail.mc will allow most widely used MUA's that speak SMTP
to the mail server to authenticate before sending a message, although
working out exactly which buttons to press and which checkboxes to
check in the client is another problem.  You will need to create real
user accounts for each person, and configure the MUA to supply the
password for that account to the server.  I know first hand that this
works with the Mozilla mail client and with Microsoft Outlook Express.



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