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|If you made the partitions UFS2 then you're going to have to do a clean
|install. I'm not sure what the default is in 5.1,in the 5.0 install it was
|still UFS1. If they're UFS1 then it's probably possible (someone else will
|have to point out how to do it) but I think it's be much cleaner to do a
|clean install.
|Are you having specific or big problems with 5.1?
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|Subject: install rel. 4.8
|> Hi,
|> I've installed rel.5.1. as a newbie I'm.
|> But I encounter to many problems with it .
|> So, is there a way to install (downdate :)) to the rel. 4.8 ??
|> Thanks
|> mess-mate
- the mouse can't be disabled in console and maintain it in X.
  Tryed several other mouse config combinations without resolve the pb.
  If the mouse isn't disabled in console the computer blocks or crash. 
- X can't start: error: Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".
  The card is setup correctly. An S3Virge. 
- Sound won't work. I recompiled the kernel fot that without succes,
  a CM8738 = cmpci, on the mobo.
My mobo is a ASUS P4T533R, P4 2.53G cpu, 513Mb rambus 1066Mhz.
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