hi all

i had a question about the correct procedure to cvsup your machine on 5.1-RELEASE

at the end of my cvsup routine on 4.8-REL_ENG, i used to:

# cd /dev
# /bin/sh MAKEDEV all
13.     Update /stand:
This step is included for completeness. It can be safely omitted.
# cd /usr/src/release/sysinstall
# make clean
# make all install
14.     Reboot to multi-user mode:
# reboot

-it seems that MAKEDEV is deprecated for 5x, and there is no 
/usr/src/release/sysinstall folder in 5x.  

what would be the equivalent to these steps in the cvsup process on 5x-RELEASE?  are 
there any other differences involved in cvsup'ing on 5x-RELEASE vs. 4x-RELEASE that 
one should be aware of?


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