Richard Shea wrote:
Thanks to both of you for your replies however this has raised another
question ! ... (see below)

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 13:16:54 +0200, "Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg"

Konrad Heuer wrote:

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003, Richard Shea wrote:

[Original Question snipped]

Yes, sendmail_enable="YES" will do the job.

FreeBSD sendmail respects the TCP wrapper config file /etc/hosts.allow;
you can limit access to sendmail there (look at "man 5 hosts_options").

Checkout /etc/mail/access, it allows you to control who is permitted to relay trough your server.

Well I discovered I think that if I don't use /etc/mail/access in fact I cannot send mail through the FBSD box. (I get "550 5.7.1 ... Relaying denied"). So I went an looked at /etc/mail and there is a access.sample but not a plain access file so I copied and edited access.sample to include a line ... OK

... and rebooted but still I get the same error. On the system console I
get a more verbose form of the same message but also "lost input channel
from SS11232 [] to MTA after rcpt" which doesn't sound too
good to me.

Am I using the access file correctly here ? Am I right in thinking that I
MUST use the access file or could I just ignore it ? Should I have
renamed access.sample to access ?

Thanks again for your help so far and any other help would be welcome.



Hi Richard,

You're almost there, change it to: RELAY

this link to the handbook should be very usefull for you too.

good luck

Rob Evers

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