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Mipam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Thanks for your reply :-)
> I search for Mike Makonnen in the current achives but i didnt find the
> update mentioned above. I would really like to try it out because i need
> it. Even more, it'll be on a dell server running tomorrow as well. :-)
> Perhaps you could tell me the link with the updates?
> I presume the man jail is gonna be updated as well after everything is
> through? Maybe it would be nice to add how to active it on boot in jail(8)
> because
> it took me some time before i realised i had to look in rc.conf(5) to see
> how the jail name could be related the dir, ip and hostname.
> Or even more easy, tell ppl to look in rc.conf(5) when wishing to start a
> jail when booting.

Have a look at :


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