At 08:49 14.08.2003 -0500, Jack L. Stone wrote:
When we started providing the articles 6-7 years ago, folks used browsers
to read the articles. Now, the trend has become a more lazy approach and
there is an increasing use of those download utilities which can be left
unattended to download entire web sites taking several hours to do so.
Multiply this by a number of similar downloads and there goes the
bandwidth, denying those other normal online readers the speed needed for
loading and browsing in the manner intended. Several hundred will be
reading at a time and several 1000 daily.

A possible solution?

What comes to my mind:

- Offer zip/tar.gz archives via an ftp server to your customers.
- allow customer's server to mirror your ftp-server
- probably: setup a mailing list to inform your customers about changes/updates

Of course you can additionally install some bandwith limitation stuff. (But I don't know one, sorry).


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