On Thursday 14 August 2003 12:33 pm, J. Seth Henry wrote:
> Wow, I think you guys have convinced me. I have had very good luck
> with FreeBSD on an 933MHz EPIA board. It has performed well, and
> remained stable for several months now. Nary a single lockup, even
> under load (though it doesn't like floating point math much -
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] crashes immediately)

933???  That's way over kill.  Heck my best intel machine at the house 
is an 750.  You'd be wasting that machine if you ask me.

The 933 would come in handy if you plan on cvsing and building the 
source.  Since my router is onlyan p133 I just reformat the box every 
month or so and install from floppies over the net and then scp my conf 
files back over and i'm back up.  Time to do this: ~45 mins ?

> One quick question, though - how much RAM should I install in this
> beast? I have a 65Mb DIMM laying around, but I could probably pull
> some 128's from my Windows box if need be.

65 is plenty!!

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