Thanks for all the help thus far.

On both my productive machines, I have set maxopenfiles to 8192 for the
short term. (Kernel rebuilding wiats until 0300 AM :-).

I found maxusers is read only and can only be set at boot time.

Now, One machine is FBSD 4.4 and the other is 4.8.

I can't use the maxusers setting '0' on the 4.4 box, so what setting would
you all suggest?

This is one of our primary web/mail/sql servers serving about 600 emails,
250 domains, and a number of messageboards. (MySQL based). It should be
noted this machine has been very reliabvle and has suffered no data loss in
1.5 years (so far).

The other machine will be set to maxusers 0 on next boot.


Grant W. Peel
Server Admin

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