Hi FreeBSD Gurus and users,
This is my first mail to the list and am a complete stranger to FreeBSD so forgive my newbie question. I have just taken the bold step towards installing FreeBSD on my machine. I have 1.7GHZ Pentium with 512 MB RAM, NVidia TNT2. I did a default install with no kernel customisation etc.
Now I am trying to connect to Internet. Since it is still time for me to growup to console mode connecting, I start KDE and use KPPP to connect to the internet. BUT.....
PPP dies unexpectedly as soon as I type in a URL in say Konqueror. Sometimes it dies in a second of connecting. It exists with error code 1. Then after some thought, I finally made /etc/resolv.conf since it used to give me this warning when I stat kppp. This file is currently empty.
Now PPP "seems to" connect but still it is not confirmed but it did not exit after I created this file. BUT when I type in any url in browser, it simplly say Host not found etc. Why?
Also how do I enable "Get DNS Server Automatically" as in Windows. Please help me I am really stuck.

Awaiting your replies,

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