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The handbook seems to be missing some instructions.
I tried what it  says and sendmail does not accept authentication
requests.  There is an  error in the maillog about
/usr/local/etc/sasldb.db having group  permissions.
Changing that to  700 changes the error to one where it
can't access the file.  Changing the owner of that to root eliminates
the error messages.  Sendmail then acknowledges that it has auth

This is how its permissions are set for me:

-rw-r----- 1 cyrus mail 155648 Aug 8 15:02 sasldb2.db

Maybe you should give the "cyrus" user r/w access too. :) I if remember
correctly, the SASL2 install creates the cyrus user for you.

Well I found the following on the sendmail.org pages:

sendmail requires sasldb to be owned by root or the trusted user and not be readable by anyone else since the file contains sensitive data (shared secrets).

Ok. I guess thats probably the way to go then. At least there are no error messages. But, now how do I get past the missing pipe? Something else needs to be started, but what?

-- Doug

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