If a modern hard drive begins to show bad sectors it generally indicates
it is in its final death throws and it is better to just replace it and
not try to make it limp along.

Most modern drives reserve 'spare' sectors that are automatically
used to replace bad sectors.   You don't start seeing bad sector 
messages until those spare sectors are used up.   So, that implies
there there are already even more bad sectors on the drive than it 
is telling you about.

So, don't try to be penny wise only to be dollar foolish.
Get as much of your date as possible on some backup media 
and throw away the bad drive and get a nice big new one.

Good luck,


> Can I use this HDD (with bad sectors) just to keep my files?
> this hard has 10 gb!
> Or i must discard this hard?
> I tried to restore hdd but my attempts was fall:((((
> When I done format HDD, i get statics:
> 4.40mb not free (i don't know how it in english.....)
> 9.96 mb free...
> But it hard is free.... but why 4.40?
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> > 
> > > I have bad sectors on my HDD where is FreeBSD.
> > > And FreeBSD when i try login i get 'pager' message:
> > > Ad1: hard error.... I/O read failure
> > > It's maybe cause i have bad sectors?
> > 
> > It's some kind of hardware failure on the disk access.  If it's always
> > the same sectors, then you do have bad sectors, and it's time to
> > replace the disk.
> > 
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