I am having an issue I would like to get resolved. I am attempting to
   create a new kernel for my FreeBSD 5.0 Box so that I may turn it into
   an Internet Gateway/NAT/Firewall. I have gone through all the handbook
   and the information is very, well, informative. What I am lacking is
   that I cannot seem to get a kernel compiled so that I can use the
   Firewall features.

   If I can get some help in building this kernel, I would greatly
   appreciate it. I have attempted to make a kernel and I keep getting
   errors. I have been attempting to reconfigure this kernel for a little
   over a week now and I am not about to give up. When I do "make depend"
   all seems okay. When I do "make", it will halt with multiple errors,
   each time something different... I really need someones help with

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