I think some individuals lose site of the reality of computing. There will never be one operating system that everyone uses. People demand choice. Isn't that what the gnu preaches?

If you want a media appliance pc, buy a Mac or Windows box. If you want a fast, command based os choose one of the many options including UNIX systems, linux, or even PC-DOS.

No platform is better than any other. In reality, each operating system is good at a specific task for which it was intended. A smart person will use the right OS for the right task. Trying to go to the lowest common denominator gets you Windows or Linux. Sure many people like WIndows and Linux, but most people on these lists have more specific needs than that. The Linux community is full of windows users who "converted" only to use Wine anyway.

Personally, I try to use an OS I feel is adequate for whatever task I wish to accomplish. I have a Windows XP box and a Mac OS X machine at home. My server runs BSD as I don't need a "polished" media based system to run apache, mysql and dns. I used to run OS/2 Warp, Windows 95 and Linux.. point is chose an OS because it suits your needs not because of marketing hype, or because you want to fit in.

I recently got accepted to WMU. I just found out the CS department is widely adopting Mac OS X because its hyped now instead of Linux. Is that a good reason to use an Operating system?

There will always be competition in the computer industry. there is a cycle we follow time and time again. Again, platforms are being chosen.. CEOs read in a stupid magazine what to buy. Who's hyped this week? How many times have you heard a boss say "I want cisco" or "I want office" Why? My wife works at a helpdesk for a large evil company (lets just say they make a "large" drug), an employee asked her why their email wasn't migrated from one exchange server to another yet.. the employee said "Don't we have cisco? just do it"

What does this say about the state of things?

Do cisco powered networks run exchange email and do all the administration for you? I think not. (It is funny though!)

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