On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 10:52:21AM -0400, Steven Lake wrote:
>       Just curious if there were any actual viruses out in the wild that 
>       were written to run on a freebsd system.  I know Windows has gobs of them, 
> mac has a number, but most are dead and linux has had a few that quickly 
> fizzled.  But I've never heard of any ever being written for Freebsd or any 
> of the bsd's.  Were there any and if so how many?
>       Or is there a site I can go to that lists how many viruses have been 
> written for each platform such as mac and windows and linux?

About the only bit of Malware that had any noticable affect and that
used FreeBSD as a vector was the Scalper worm:


Even so, it's impact was tiny, and an update to fix the server chunck
encoding stack overflow vulnerability in apache was very quickly
available.  All of the AV vendors have online virus encylopaedias you
can search, or SecurityFocus has a searchable database of
vulnerabilities categorized by vendor at


but in general FreeBSD is not an attractive target to the writers of
such things, so very few active exploits exist.



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