Jim Wrote,
We need to run an IRC server off of it.

You need to download and configure one of the IRC daemons, (Servers) Such like hybird, df, bahamut. So you can run an IRC Server.

Jum Wrote,
Nicknames and rooms should able to be registered.

You should Install IRC services it will do the job.

Jim Wrote,
In addition, how do I set up a subdomain pointing to it? (For example,

You have to configure your DNS, which i guess controlled by the ISP which is hosting your Server, in this case the ISP should do it for you.

Jim Wrote,
Are there any suggestions? Thanks!

You need to modify and recompile your kernel for NMBCLUSTERS. you need to pumb that.
to be stable with your ulimit -a "open file result" output.
This is a must to make your server hold the number of users you need it to hold,
and according to your bandwidth usage.

Please check www.ircdhelp.org i guess there is good info there.

I belevie also this is not the correct list to send for.... ask around :)

Have fun, and good luck.

Marwan Sultan. Former DALnet IRC network Administrator.

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