Aha, I've fixed that problem, it was konquerer. I just tried it in Mozilla & it accepted the name quite happily!


Ian writes:

I used to have cups running quite nicely until I upgraded my system to 4.8-Release (a fresh install afer fdisking the drive). When I installed CUPS on my new system and tried to add a printer, I got the message
Error: The printer name may only contain up to 127 printable characters.
It say this regardless of what I call the printer.

I fooled around a bit looking on the cups site & mailing lists & this list for clues, but came up with nothing, so I left it for a while.
Now I've cvsuped my ports tree, removed cups from my system and kde which had installed cups-base, and deleted any leftover traces I could find. Then I installed the new port, plus gimp-print.
Now when I try to add a printer, I get exactly the same error. The error log file doesn't show any error messages.

Has anyone got any come accross this or have any suggestions?


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