I've just installed FreeBSD 4.8R (from CD-ROM) on a Sony VAIO laptop. I plug my SMC PC-Card NIC in and I get a "pccard inserted: slot 0" message and that's all. The card is seemingly unrecognized, I get no other console messages and ifconfig shows nothing.

The funny part is that I installed FreeBSD 4.3 (from CD-ROM) on this machine a few years ago and plugged the same NIC into it and I got a whole lot of console messages -- it was recognized by name and assigned a device (ed1). I had upgraded it to 4.4 and maybe even to 4.5 before taking FreeBSD off (until now).

Same laptop, same NIC, different version of FreeBSD.

How can I get a PC-Card NIC recognized in 4.8? Any ideas. Thanks!

Michael A. Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Programmer at Large

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