I'm not sure if this is related to p13 or not, but while I was doing a
'make buildworld' on p13 today my system crashed, no messages, just
powered off. I was able to duplicate this twice. At first I thought this
may be due to heat, since my machine is in a location where it is a bit
warm, and all the compilation get's the CPU quite warm. While I was
diagnosing this, I realized Friday night I added ipsec support to my
kernel config and installed a kernal that supports ipsec. So I put my
GENERIC kernel back in place then did a 'make buildworld' of p13 and all
worked fine. Is this just a coincidence? Or did the extra code for ipsec
(I'm not currently running any ipsec tunnels) add just enough to push the
CPU over the edge?


Adam Mazza
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