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FBSD does not natively support the MS/Winmodem you have.
There is a port of the Linux winmodem special driver called LTMDM.
It does not work for all winmodem chips and the documentation is
You will be far happier if you use an external serial modem with

The ltmdm port is hard to get working and is limited to a few
winmodem chip sets and sometime it's performance sucks.
You will save your self a lot of head aches by using an external
serial modem or an PCI internal modem that has an onboard
controller. Your modem is a super cheap modem marketed for the
Windows users.

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Respected Sir,

I am Bimal Patel from Ahmedabad/India. I've downloaded FreeBSD
4.8-stable version from the web site www.freeBSD.org. I've installed
specified OS to my computer also. But now the OS is not detecting my
My modem is of type HSF SoftModem from Conexant. I think the
system needs the proper driver to be installed.

For that purpose, I've searched through internet. But I didn't
find any
drivers for FreeBSD. Basically such drivers can be downloaded from
www.linuxant.com, but the problem is the file which www.linuxant.com
provides is having RPM format. One more file is there with having
format. At the moment I am confused, which file I should download.
Can you
guide me properly?

If possible can you provide me the URL from where I can
download such
drivers? It is very important for me to start the modem service on
So, I am expecting a prompt reply from your side.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Bimal Patel.

I have not tried the FreeBSD ltmdm port, so I cannot provide anything further about its performance than fbsd_user has. External serial modems, even inexpensive ones, do work very nicely with FreeBSD. However, if purchasing a new modem does not seem reasonable to you, then you may wish to try installing FreeBSD and the ltmdm port, and see what you think. After all, your experience with FreeBSD and the ltmdm port, not anyone else's, is what really matters.

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