At 11:45 14.08.2003 -0500, Charles Howse wrote:
> > Can I refine it to give me something like: .784 seconds?
> Use "bc -l" instead of bc.  That should do it.

No, that still gives 0 seconds.

I think this whole thing is dependent on the fact that `date +%s`
reports integers.

I'm still interested in something like .874 seconds, but for the time
being, I'll just use an if..then..else to say "less than 1 second" or
the actual number of seconds.

I've looked at the time command suggested by Jez, haven't tried it yet.

Note the trap: shell's builtin "time" command differs somewhat from installed "/usr/bin/time"!

man time
man builtin
man <your_shell>


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