> Coming from a Network Engineering perspective, I'm interested in having
> my servers be as redundant as possible.  I have two NIC's in the
> machine, so I would like for the "server" to be reachable over either
> interface.
> To my mind, I would give a loopback interface an IP address that is the
> "server" in this case.  Then, each interface would have it's own subnet
> and I would route over those two interfaces to the loopback for all
> packets destined to the server.  So, something like:
>                 lo1 ->
> ed0 ->                ed1 ->
> Then, on the router, I have a route statement for over the
> two interface subnets.
You could do this, but I'm not sure why you'd want to route those 2 to 1
interface. it'd be easier to make your server daemons listen on the 2 ed

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