Hi folks

I'm trying to install 4.8 on a HP Vectra machine. I don't know the
precise model number, it's a PII-400 with both PCI and ISA slots. I
think it's a 5xxx series.
I've tried both boot floppies and CDrom, with the same results:
The system boots off the selected media, presents me with the kernel
loading messages, allows me to config the kernel, then pops up the
sysinstall screen. Then hangs solid. Not even numlock/caps lock key
lights are operative.
I have removed the network card, the Adaptec raid controller, and
swapped out the RAM. There are currently NO PCI or IDE cards in the
machine and I still get the same problem
Unfortunately the boot messages scroll past too quickly for me to note

Does anyone have any ideas? (or let me know if I can give you any more


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