This isn't so much a FreeBSD topic but a comment and a request for resources.  As a 
time FreeBSD admin/user I know this is a large, diverse, and eloquent community of
technical users.  I hope someone can point me to a resource or group of users that
address this policy.

Within the last two months both AOL and Time Warner Road Runner have implemented port 
blocks from hosts with IP addresses in the "dynamic address space".  Time Warner claims
other major ISPs are/will be implementing the same policy.

I support several smaller organizations computer infrastructures.  The server backbone
in all these orgs is FreeBSD and they all have SMTP servers with IP addresses in the
"dynamic" space.  More of our outgoing mail is starting to bounce as these ISPs bring
these new policies online.

Is anyone else uneasy with this trend?  Maybe it's just me and I don't like being
discriminated against because I don't have the money to own static IP addresses.  One
would think groups of responsible and technically competent users would be organizing
against this trend and attempting to make their voice heard.

A little help here?


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