On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 22:07, Bob Perry wrote:
> I run FreeBSD 4.7 RELEASE.  Just ran the portversion command for the 
> first time since last Saturday and the ouptut indicated that my 
> installed packages were up-to-date.  Thought it odd so I ran pkg_version 
> command and picked up 9 packages in need up upgrade and several 
> "orphaned" packages listed.  Is there a known problem with the 
> portupgrade system or was there some warning I missed previously?

If I'm not wrong, portversion/pkg_version relies on ports index (man 8
portupgrade) which needs to be up to date in order for portversion to be
accurate. This is not done on a daily basis for the ports tree (as it
takes some time).

What you should try to do is check that your pkgdb is ok and fix any

#pkgdb -F

then update the ports index (which takes a while)

#portsdb -Uu

Then run your portversion/pkg_version which should give more accurate

Hope this helps.

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