I would recommend the following books:

Learning the Unix Operating System(5th Edition): $13.97

FreeBSD An Open Source System For Your Personal Computer(2nd Edition): $24.00

FreeBSD HandBook(2nd Edition): $49.95

The Complete FreeBSD(4th Edition): $31.47

Absolute BSD: The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD: $27.97

Total $147.36

The prices can be found at www.amazon.com. Some of these books are redundant, but it does come in handy. For example when I learned about building kernels, through FreeBSD An Open Source System For Your Personal Computer(2nd Edition), I also had the FreeBSD Handbook(2nd Edition) and The Complete FreeBSD(4th Edition) opened. This proved to be an excellent way for me to learn how to build my very own custom kernel. My only regret is I wish I had known about FreeBSD much sooner. I'm very grateful my friend introduced me to BSD. I'm a newbie for what it's worth and these books I recommended which I also purchased will only help you. Last, but not last make sure you are typing in those command in your FreeBSD box and don't be afraid to mess something up. This is all part of the learning process. You will not believe how many times I've reinstalled FreeBSD after breaking and touching things I have no business touching :o) . I do this on purpose just to learn, I would recommend you do the same. Good luck!!!

Thank You
FreeBSD and CSRG

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