Redmond Militante wrote:

i upgraded mod_php4 via ports on my apache box the other day
i just went to the mod_php4 directory, make deinstall, make clean
install and restarted apache.

i was upgraded to php4.3.3rc2 from 4.3.1.

i need to get the old version back as we make extensive use of pdflib.
pdflib5x is not supported in php4.3.3rc2. can anyone please tell me how
to downgrade php4.3.3rc2 on this machine? it's pretty critical..

If you are using ports to do it you might still have the old php download in were the distfile(s) are kept. If not you might be able to grab the source from php's home site and have at it.

It's a shame that nobody has thought to add the release candidates as a separate port so that if this sort of problem arises things can be rectified. Of course they might argue, that's what backing up your system is all about. Or don't do RC unless you investigate its pitfalls first.

On another note, and this might save your butt in the future, get the portupgrade package installed. It has the option of creating a package out of what you are about to upgrade/deinstall (or something like that). Don't know how slick it works but it's there.

Gads, I just noticed that I have RC1.

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