RAIDFrame is software raid so it doesn't matter here. You should check wether your Smart Array is properly supported, first, a good place to start:

Then maybe try to disable APIC at boot (??), as this is known to cause problems. But first, go to the BIOS on the server and make sure it is preset either for Linux OS or for "Other". Then maybe make sure your raid volume(s) is configured with Compaq tools before attempting to install FreeBSD.

hope this helps


Le Jeudi, 7 aoŻ 2003, ŗ 20:16 Europe/Zurich, Warner Joseph a ťcrit :


I'm trying to install FreeBSD 5.1 -RELEASE on our
Compaq Proliant 2500 server with (4) 9.1G hard drives
using Raid5 and the install hangs at:

/stand/sysinstall running as init on vty0

Is this because of:

"The RAIDframe disk driver described in raid(4) is non-functional for this

..from the errata?

I tried to search the archives but got an error saying they
aren't available right now.



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