You don't have to run /stand/sysinstall/.
you can edit the /etc/rc.conf file as follow.
you need to remove or comment out the dhcp part.

then, add your network config
ifconfig_xl0="inet x.x.x.x  netmask"
reboot and you should be set.

As far as X, I never install it during the setup.
Why waste time to set it up, when it's most likely out of date.
always update your ports after the setup.
go to the /usr/ports/x11 and pick a window manager.
after installing it, go to the usr's dir and create a .xinitrc file.
add the running command to start x.  If it's KDE use "exec startkde" or
"wmaker" for windowmaker.
then you need to run "XFree86 configure". It will probe your hardware and
setup some default settings.
if it works, then you can copy it to your /etc/X11 dir and tweak it as you

Then type startx and it should load.
remember not to run X as root.

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> Freebies -
> I just installed a 'standard' 4.8-Release setup from CD. It seems to have
> gone fine, but I want to change two features:
> 1) I set up DHCP networking. Now I want to go back and explicitly set up
> static IP, GW, NS.
> 2) I did not set up X11, and I would like to have another run at that.
> (This means I'm running console tools.)
> Can I use /stand/sysinstall to re-do these parts of my installation (and
> if so, how?), or are there other simple tools? Menu-driven or mouse-driven
> would be nice. Naturally I can always attack the configuration files, but
> I don't know how to turn DHCP off.
> TIA.
>  John Mills
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