I have FreeBSD 4.3 installed on my Toshiba 305 CDS laptop, which I
installed a couple of years ago from the WindRiver CD-ROM set.

After many days of work, I had everything running just the way I wanted.

Sicne then, I have forgotten my passwords, and I gave away my computer
books when I moved. I am completely locked out of my system.

I have a boot selection utility called System Commander 2000 which
prevents me from booting from the CD. I can't find the System Commander
floppies, so I can't uninstall it.

System Commander will allow me to boot from a floppy.

I boot from kern.flp which then prompts me for mfsroot.flp. I insert
mfsroot.flp, I skip Kernel Configuration. I get to the Configure menu
and select Post-Instalation Configuration. At the Post-Instalation
Configuration menu, I select "Root Password - Select the System
Manager's Password." I hit <ENTER> and NOTHING HAPPENS. The screen seems
to blink a little but that's all.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what to do.


Ken Seggerman
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