I have amd running, after I figured out I had been misunderstanding the man pages, but I have some questions. I'm looking for some best practices insights. I looked for a howto and searched the questions archive but I didn't turn up what I was looking for.

1) I would like to remove /usr/src, /usr/obj and /usr/ports/distfiles from some of my machine's fstab. I do the make buildworld, make buildkernel on one machine then run the make installworld, installkernel on the target machines. I looked at make.conf and some of the man pages but nothing jumped out at me. I'm trying to figure out how to prefix /host/Atlas onto the directory names so the installs will work. e.g. /usr/src becomes /host/Atlas/usr/src.

2) In this example, I want to keep the home directories on a server instead of having them on a workstation. My first thought was to change the home directory for the user on the workstation from /home/Tom to /host/Atlas/home/Tom. Is there a better way to do this?

3) If I ever decide to work in NIS, question #2 comes up again in the NIS environment. Normally I don't sign on to the server from the attached keyboard but it does happen occasionally. If I set up the home directory in NIS as /host/Atlas/home/Tom, then signon to the server locally (in other words, I do not SSH into it) is this a problem? I would think worst case it will not work. Best case I may have some overhead.

I would appreciate any insights you can provide.

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